White Girls Trapped By Thugs On Bus, Sick At What’s Hidden Between His Legs

White Girls Trapped By Thugs On Bus, Sick At What's Hidden Between His Legs
Two of the Four St. Catharine’s Academy schoolgirls (left), BX8 bus in the Bronx, NY (right)

A group of four white girls boarded the bus in their New York City neighborhood after school, and they didn’t have a clue as to what was coming as soon as the doors shut. The 15-year-olds were chatting with each other when a pack of thugs approached with a sick surprise hidden in one of their pants that the girls definitely weren’t expecting, along with what else was on the bus.

The four friends boarded the BX8 bus around 3 p.m., the same public transportation they take every day after school in the Bronx. They were dressed in their St. Catharine’s Academy uniforms, which set them apart from the rats lurking in the back of the bus waiting for the right people to attack.

As the young Catholic schoolgirls were blissfully unaware of what was coming, their attackers were right behind them planning a surprise for the next stop. The thugs taunted the girls a bit about being wealthy while calling up some female hoodrats to meet them at the next stop, where the backup thugs got on the bus. The vile group cornered the girls with their male counterparts who threatened to “piss on them” but instead decided on something worse.

According to the New York Post, who spoke exclusively to the terrified victims whose names were not released, the male and female thugs beat the girls “in an unprovoked, racial attack that left them bloody and bruised.” As the group of six to eight female thugs punched, kicked, and pulled clumps of the girls’ hair out, the bus driver simply did nothing about it. This cowardly city worker allowed these four 15-year-olds to be ambushed by racist rats who were proud of their public attack on these “privileged white girls.”

“All I remember is seeing the bus doors open and these girls have me by the ankles,” one of the young victims told The Post. “One of the guys had me by my hair and punched me in the jaw.” When the bus came to a stop, the driver opened the doors and let the thugs out, who got away with the crime, as well as some of their victims’ belongings.

Despite the fact that this was a clearly a hate crime, it’s getting little to no coverage since the victims, in this case, are the wrong race for the mainstream media to use to push their biased agenda. The driver, who did nothing but chauffer these attackers around while they obliterated these young girls, should be fired and also charged for not attempting to stop it. Had the tables been turned, the recourse for these criminals would have been decided already. Perceived “white privilege” made these girls targets, and “black privilege” got these thugs out of being charged with a crime for it.