ISIS Makes (And Takes) $80Million A Month In Revenue, Here’s How

When you think about what ISIS are achieving with their military at the moment it’s quite staggering. On one front they are managing to fight of Assad government forces that are massively funded from Russia. On the other side they are making huge advances into Iraq who’s army is funded by the US, France, UK and Germany.


ISIS are effectively fighting the West and Russia at the same time, and are at the very least holding their own, if not winning.

But how have they been able to raise the capital to fight multiple wars against these super powers? Well, they have a variety of tactics to pull in the money they need to continue their twisted crusade to establish a caliphate throughout the middle east.

ISIS are now by far the richest terrorist organisation that has ever existed. They have managed to raise huge sums of money in an incredibly short amount of time; this is how they’ve done it:


As they’ve made their way into Iraq over the last couple of years they have seized hundreds of oil fields. With the black liquid in such high demand there are a plethora of corrupt buyers waiting to snap up their most prized asset. Reports have claimed that neighbouring Turkey are just one of the nations purchasing oil from ISIS.

Around 43% of ISIS’s total revenue comes from oil according to IHS analysts. This is why the recent bombing campaign from the U.S and Russia has focussed on destroying the wells that are under control of the terrorist group.


If you are living within the caliphate you have to pay extraordinarily high taxes. You definitely wouldn’t get away with paying just 20% as so many of us do here in the UK. Every item and every service is taxed at an eye wateringly high rate in order to pay for the war effort. And if you don’t