As Left Blocks Trump, Horrific Video Emerges Of Muslims Forcing Girl To Kneel

A woman was brutally beaten with a cane in front of cheering crowds in Aceh, Indonesia.

As the liberal left applauds the federal court ruling that blocked President Donald Trump’s executive order, temporarily banning travel from 7 Muslim-majority countries, horror stories are emerging from around the world, showing everyone why his plan is necessary. One such disturbing video captured what a girl endured after being forced to her knees in front of a mosque, and it will leave you sickened.

There is no limit to the extremely abusive cruelty which Muslims inflict on women. Proving just that, a shocking new video of a helpless woman collapsing under the strain of the merciless punishment she received at the hands of Islamic extremists has just recently come to light, and it’s painful to even watch.

According to Daily Mail, newly released video from journalist Terek Fatah shows the unbelievable punishment of a woman who is seen kneeling in the video before a Muslim man takes a cane and brutally whips her across the back until she collapses from the pain.

Although this incident took place in 2015, at which time pictures of the ordeal were distributed on the internet, the video was just released today by Tarek Fatah. The location of this public punishment is Aceh, Indonesia, a province that instituted Sharia law in 2003. So far, Aceh is the only province in Indonesia to institute Sharia law.

The woman can be heard screaming in pain as she reaches back to grasp her shoulder blade every time she is whipped. According to previous reports, she was being punished for a display of affection toward her boyfriend, which isn’t acceptable under Sharia law.

This video surfaced after another similar incident was caught on film a week ago showing another Indonesian woman being whipped 26 times for having sex outside of marriage. According to the report by Fatah, the woman was forced to kneel on a stage in front of a mosque as crowds cheered for her punishment every time she was whipped.

The Muslim animal doing the whipping can be seen wiggling the cane in order to hype up the crowd as if he were entertaining them with this primitive display of cultural depravity. That is what is at the heart of so many of these videos which surface from Muslim countries — the depravity of their death cult belief system is staggering.

An Indonesian woman is publicly beaten until she collapses in front of a mosque in Aceh, Indonesia

What is even more unbelievable is that the lefties here in America, including federal judges, want to continue letting these elements into our country, which will undoubtedly have a lasting and destructive effect on our society.

The solution is simple: Sharia law must be banned in America. There is no room for the kinds of sadistic practices demanded by Sharia law in a Christian nation.

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