Can you say SEDITION? ACLU joins forces with Obama in WAR on OUR Government. This is SICK and this is HAPPENING NOW!

This weekend the leftist group, The American Civil Liberties Union will be launching a program unlike anything in their 100+ year history. This weekend they will hold a town hall style meeting in Miami with simulcast broadcasts to 2,300 local gatherings around the country. Their mission will be to join the Obama OFA program (with 30,000 recruits) in recruiting subversives to protest, riot and subvert the government. (VIDEO BELOW)

The campaign will be called  “People Power.” This Saturday is the big kickoff with the Miami event to teach “resistance training” to young radicals in 2,300 locations around the country. ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero, told Reuters that they have already signed 135,000 people up for the campaign. They will join Barack Obama’s OFA in literally working against our government from all sides. Can you say SEDITION? (h/t: Reuters) (VIDEO BELOW)

This is sick, and this is scary, and unfortunately there’s nothing fake about this news. Unlike every other President in modern history, Barack Hussein Obama is not stepping aside for the good of the country to let the new President govern. Out of office for just 50 days, Barack Hussein Obama already has a “community organizing” organization with 250 offices around the country, and 30,000 employees in place. Their sole purpose is to interfere, and fight the Trump administration every step of the way.  It is despicable. It is Un-American! (VIDEO BELOW)