Cowardly Muslim Migrants Beat On White Girl Until Angry Boyfriend Shows Up

When a group of Muslim men spotted a white woman wearing a short skirt, they brutally began beating her, ultimately breaking the helpless girl’s nose. However, just as the racist cowards were about to launch a second attack on their female victim, they ran into her angry boyfriend, forcing them to pick on someone their own size.

As the Muslim population grows, so does its intolerance and brutality. Stemming from the Quran’s commands and the prophet Muhammad’s modeling, these devout bigots soon create Sharia patrols to enforce Islamic law in their neighborhoods, eventually compelling the non-Muslim majority to submit to their beliefs.

For women, Sharia law means that men are to order them to cover their bodies, in accordance with Quran 33:59. Unfortunately, this makes white Western women easy targets for Islamic violence.

In just one of many incidents of Sharia justice, CCTV captured Muslim men carrying out a racially and religiously motivated attack on an unnamed 34-year-old white woman in the UK on December 11, 2016. West Midlands Police released the shocking footage in the hopes of garnering information; however, the implications of such prevalent violence are much more disturbing than the crime itself.

The unnamed woman not only offended the Muslims with her short dress and thigh-high boots but also her white skin. The Coventry Telegraph reports that the “South Asian” men, which is the politically correct code word for Muslim suspects, unashamedly attacked the woman, striking her in the face and breaking her nose and shattering her cheekbone.

Luckily, the woman was not alone. Her boyfriend, who also remains unnamed, confronted the men before one attempted in vain to beat him into submission. After 2 punches failed to bring down the heroic boyfriend, he responded with much harder blows, sending one Muslim perpetrator to the ground as the other 2 hesitantly step up to receive their beatings as well.

Immediately after the enraged boyfriend begins returning blow after blow, security officers rush up to the group and intervene. Disturbingly, the officers are unable to detain the attackers, and police are still searching for suspects.

West Midlands Police confirmed that the woman was the victim of racially motivated violence but refused to call it a hate crime, according to the Express. Of course, if the roles were reversed, the media would be outraged and the “Islamophobic” couple would be charged with felonious hate crimes.

“We have released CCTV and are appealing for information following an assault at Coventry Skydome on 11 December 2016,” confirmed a spokesman for West Midlands Police. “A 34-year-old woman was walking home from a night out with her partner when a group of three men shouted a racist comment at her. When she tried to confront them she was assaulted and sustained fractures to her nose and cheekbone. Anyone with information about the attack is asked to contact PC Chris Parry on”

These racist and religious attacks by Muslims on white civilians are rampant regardless of the media’s attempt to make Islamophobia seem much more problematic. The attacks range from verbal abuse to heinous crimes involving violence, rape, and kidnapping.

The West is importing millions of people from countries in which the most barbaric laws and cultures are practiced while ironically expecting that they won’t practice them here. Tolerating the intolerant, leftists have given Muslims who despise their own values the opportunity to outnumber them. Unfortunately, it is the most innocent and vulnerable citizens who suffer from these liberal beliefs.