Terrorist Gets NASTY Surprise When 2 Muslim Women Lift Their Burkas (video)

While an Islamic terrorist was stuck in traffic, he had no idea what was quickly approaching from behind. Unfortunately for him, things would quickly take a turn when a couple of women appeared beside his car – and the nasty surprise came after the two lifted their burkas.

The incident took place in Israel, where counter-terrorism forces work tirelessly to defend against the never-ending string of terroristic attacks. However, it seems that they’ve most recently taken to extreme measures to keep the dangers at bay, and a recent video goes to prove just that.

All caught on video, a team of three undercover soldiers from an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) counterterrorism unit loaded into a van – but they had a special surprise inside. As it turns out, two of the men had dressed as women in burqas hoping to avoid suspicion, knowing they would be approaching a terrorist in his car.

After tracking the man down, the soldiers found the terrorist stuck in traffic and pulled up right beside him. Fortunately, because the men were dressed as women, he was more confused when one of the soldiers opened his door.

From there, he was dragged out of the vehicle, placed on the ground, and taken into custody. Other nearby motorists simply stayed inside their cars and watched the incident play out. Currently, there is no word on who this man is, what he was planning, or how many lives were saved on account of the smart thinking of the IDF.

America could learn a thing or two from the IDF when it comes to fighting against the threat of Islamic terrorists, seeing how they’ve been doing it since the beginning of their existence. Although leftists are eager to defend Muslims at all cost, the lives of innocent people come before the extremist ideology of one man – and if that means putting on women’s clothes to take them down, then so be it.