Trump has Brutal Words For Muslim Who Tried To Destroy Brooklyn Bridge

A New York Muslim was in for a bit more than he bargained after teaming up with al-Qaeda in an attempt to take down the Brooklyn Bridge. Unfortunately for him, things would spectacularly blow up in his face – but things just got so much worse when President Donald Trump personally stepped in and slapped the terrorist with 3 brutal words that he will never forget.

Iyman Faris is a Pakistan native who was able to gain citizenship in America after first entering the United States with a false passport in 1994. The man’s true intentions were revealed when he traveled back to his home country in 2000, when he reportedly went to Afghanistan to meet with Osama bin Laden and other senior al-Qaeda leaders, including Khalid Shaikh Mohammed.

Presumably, under their directive, he then returned to the U.S. in 2002 and immediately began researching how to best carry out a terror attack in America. Officials quickly caught on when the man investigated how blowtorches could be used to sever the Brooklyn Bridge suspension cables. Although Faris sent updates back to al-Qaeda operatives about the plan, he lastly told them that security was too tight around the bridge to carry out the attack.

Trump SLAPS Muslim Who Tried To Destroy Brooklyn Bridge With 3 Brutal Words
Iyman Faris

However, it was too late as officials quickly swooped in and arrested the Muslim terrorist and sentenced him to 20 years behind bars in 2003. Unfortunately for him, there’s a new, less-lenient sheriff in town, and President Donald Trump is making it perfectly clear that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated whatsoever.

According to Washington Times, Trump has personally intervened after learning about the case by directing his Department of Justice to take swift action. Since that time, the Muslim has been slapped with three brutal words that he’ll likely never forget as the DOJ hopes to “revoke the naturalization” of Faris and send him back to Pakistan.

In short, Trump is setting a precedent by stripping the man of his U.S. citizenship in an act that many are calling “rare.” However, what this really looks like is the start of something new that will likely be more frequent in the coming months.

When it comes down to it, people who want to hurt this country or its citizens have no place here – at all. Those coming to America should do so because they admire what our country provides and want to become a part of it to contribute to the good of our nation.

Although the left doesn’t like to use the term “radical Islamic terror,” the threat exists and is desperately trying to infiltrate our borders by any means. Demonizing Donald Trump, at this point, is only endangering the lives of Americans as he seeks to better protect those who elected him and even those who didn’t. American lives come first – it’s really as simple as that. If you can’t understand and accept that, then you’re part of the problem.