WHOA! Donald Trump Jr Just SLAMMED London Mayor Over Terror Attacks! Like Father Like Son!

Four people were killed this morning in a terror attack located on the Westminister Bridge. The attacker used a knife and his car to kill and injure innocent victims.  Reports say the attack was ISIS inspired and left over 20 people injured.

President Trump talked with the PM on the phone immediately and offered to help and support.

The very liberal Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, didn’t seem as concerned about the attacks on his city as our president.

Mr. Kahns wrote that terrorist attacks are all just  “part of living in a big city.”

Khan, who is Muslim himself, lectured other major cities around the world that they “have got to be prepared for these sorts of things to happen.”

Sadiq Kahn’s response didn’t sit well with Donald Trump Jr. at all.  He was furious and tweeted out how irresponsible and inappropriate it was for the Mayor to respond so casually.

The response from the London Mayor echoes the liberal point of view on Islam. They are more concerned about “offending” Muslims than they are about the safety of their citizens.

I commend Donald Trump Jr. for calling out Sadiq Kahns and his disgusting comments. Radical Islamic attacks on innocent people should NEVER be minimized!!