After Terror Attack, Onlookers Sickened To See What Muslim Was Doing Nearby

Although there are several disturbing images across social media that depict the horrors of the terror attack in London, one seems to be standing out above the rest. As it turns out, a single picture is going viral as onlookers were sickened to see what a lone Muslim was doing as Britons were lying bloodied in the street, dying – and it’s utterly disgusting.

Much of the Western world is mourning with England today after an Islamic lone-wolf jihadist ran over pedestrians at a staggering 70 miles per hour in London. After plowing through a crowd, the presumably Muslim man was able to kill 3 people and injured another 29 innocent victims – but he was far from done.

After the terrorist’s vehicle came to a crashing halt, he hopped out and stormed onto the grounds of Parliament. Armed with a knife, the unidentified suspect was confronted by an unarmed police officer before stabbing the cop to death. He was then shot by fellow officers nearby.

Unfortunately, it seems that quite a few people today are talking about a Muslim female after she was captured in a photo. As victims were lying bloodied and dying in the streets, several good Samaritans rushed to the aid of the injured – but one Muslim woman had another idea.

As seen in a picture taken following the attack, 7 people are all helping someone who had been injured and was lying helpless on the ground. However, a Muslim woman passing by at the time seemed not to care in the slightest that an infidel was dying in the street.

Simply staring at her phone and ensuring that her hijab was securely in place, the Islamist casually walked by the innocent and undeserving victim of her faith. As one would imagine, outrage over the image has been quick and furious – and rightfully so.

This woman showed complete disregard for human life outside of her own. An image may only show a fraction of a second, but a picture is worth a thousand words – and this one speaks volumes about how Muslims view non-believers.

The left can pretend that these cowardly acts of violence have nothing to do with Islam, but that just isn’t the case. With migrants flooding Western nations at an unprecedented rate, horrific events like these are on the rise.

The Quran strictly calls for the deaths of the infidel and kafir (non-believers). In the end, these terrorists are merely doing as their so-called “holy” book commands, and it’s time to stop ignoring this reality:

Quran (2:191-193) – “And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out.”

Too long have we been told that terror has nothing to do with Islam. Too long have we been told that these aren’t “real” Muslims, but revealing the truth only requires that someone open their eyes and a Quran in order to see it. The fact is, Muslims are flocking to our countries from a region where their religion is allowed to be carried out as it was intended, commanded, and model by their prophet.

For this reason, the Middle East has been in constant turmoil since the 7th century. Enough is enough. The raping and murdering of innocent people worldwide must come to an end. We, as civilized nations, need to stand up to this threat, and the first step is recognizing what it is. Muslim “radicals” are no more extreme than their holy texts.