Muslim’s SICK Secret Exposed As Girl Finds ‘Sticky Stuff’ Running Down Leg

A woman, who goes by the fake name of Alice Wells to mask her identity, met her husband in Egypt, a country where pedophilia and sexual abuse are rampant. After a whirlwind romance, the pair were married. However, not long after their wedding, his sick secret was exposed when Alice’s 4-year-old daughter reported feeling “sticky stuff” running down her legs.

Alice was taken aback on the day she came home to find the police had raided her house looking for her husband stash of child pornography. “They interviewed [my husband] for six hours, they left, didn’t arrest him,” she told ITV’s This Morning. “He told them he was going to buy groceries for dinner, drove south, and that was the last anyone saw of him.”

The next day, Alice’s husband, who’s only identified as Mark, was killed in a car accident, and she was left to pick up the pieces. At the request of the police, she began searching for evidence that her late husband had been involved in the abuse of children.

“I went down to Mark’s office to look and I found some terrifying things. Endless bills for pornographic material from European countries, coming to tens of thousands. That’s how the police tracked him – repetitive use of his bank details on the same websites,” Alice wrote in an article for Daily Mirror. “Within 24 hours I’d lost my husband, found out he was a pedophile and I was going to be financially ruined. It was all too much to take in.”

Even though there were 10,000 megabytes of child pornography on her husband’s computer, several weeks passed before Alice realized that her own daughter, who she refers to as Grace, had been a victim as well. When the 4-year-old girl became sick and was suffering from a bout of delirium, she began to make gestures no toddler should even know about.

“Grace got poorly and had become delirious, saying very odd things,” Alice recalled. “She was gesturing male masturbation and talking about sticky stuff running down her legs. I froze in horror. I immediately phoned the investigator and he confirmed my worst fear. They had found over 800 explicit images of Grace on Mark’s computer.

Alice continued, “I suddenly had a flashback to a year or so ago when Grace had said to me, ‘Mummy, did you know that sometimes children drink from boys bottoms?’ I hadn’t joined the dots at the time,” adding, “It was at that moment I knew it was because Mark had shown her adult pictures to groom her into acting like that herself.”

Though she didn’t have to view any photographs of her daughter, helping the police collect evidence to go with the photos was difficult. She gathered dress-up clothes, kitchen implements, and, chillingly, some of her own lingerie that her daughter had been forced to wear.

However, the worst part was Grace’s lack of reaction when Alice took her for a physical examination. It was clear to Alice that her daughter had been groomed not to react.

Moreover, her efforts to get her daughter psychological help didn’t seem to work. [Source: IJR]

Perhaps the only silver lining to this troubling story is the fact that Mark has been killed and is rotting in Hell at this very moment. The damage has already been done to Grace and his other victims, but at least he can no longer harm any young girls.

While many will say this had nothing to do with Islam, their prophet himself had sexual relations with his child bride when she was just 9 years old. Unfortunately, this is Islam’s perfect man, and whatever he did is not only good enough for other Muslims to do, it’s encouraged since they are to emulate Muhammad.

This should serve as a warning to others to be extra vigilant when dealing with individuals from Muslim countries, and it is also more evidence that Muslims should be thoroughly vetted before entering America.